Thank you for your support. It’s much appreciated. You can donate online. And if you are able to add Gift Aid details, then this increases our resources significantly.

Please see below for choices to donate to our Drought Relief or the Care Sri Lanka General Fund.


  1. Christmas Appeal

    To help buy items for widows and children.
    £1,610.00 donated

Sri Lanka church attacks


  1. Bombing Appeal

    £23,777.00 donated

Drought Relief – donation options

  1. Drought – Businesses

    We’re also helping people to set up self-employed businesses to protect against future drought. This includes buying and developing land near churches where there is a better water supply to provide jobs for widows cultivating the land.
    £676.00 donated
  2. Drought – Wells

    We're looking to dig existing wells deeper, and to build new deeper tube wells. Costs vary from £300 to deepen a well, and £1000-2000 for a new tube well depending on location as it could necessitate drilling through bedrock and involve pumps.
    £650.00 donated
  3. Drought – General

    To give to any drought help as various needs become apparent.
    £23,280.50 donated

Care Sri Lanka General Fund donations

  1. Care Sri Lanka General

    To give to any help as required within the country.
    £12,973.82 donated

Your support and kindness is much appreciated. Thank you.

You can also give directly to Care Sri Lanka (A/c no 76099024, Sort Code 60-09-25).

Please contact us if you have any questions about donations or wish to donate in another way.