Coronavirus – Impact on the Country


The current situation – March 24th 2020

The worldwide coronavirus crisis has also reached Sri Lanka and has many effects on the life of the people. While the numbers of infected people is growing daily, the government has closed all schools, pre-schools and universities. This weekend a curfew has been imposed for the whole island so that people cannot leave their homes at all. The whole economy is breaking down, and most of our people cannot go to work. As they work for daily wages, they have no income now and they are starving for food. We are distributing food parcels and money although village shops have little food in stock.

90% of our people live in villages have no income as they are day labourers. There is much fear as most hospitals are poorly equipped so there is little hope of treatment if they fall sick. 

Sri Lankan people are very communicative and like to meet on the roads, in the markets and in public places, but nowadays they have to stay at home. The president has ordered people to ‘work from home’ – but how can a paddy farmer or a fishermen work from home?

The government has also forbidden churches to hold meetings, so our believers can only gather in houses. Our pastors and gospel workers are visiting the homes of the believers to pray with them and encourage them, but the needs are growing daily. Please pray that God might uphold the believers and that they might not lose hope and trust in the Lord. They were already much affected by the loss of the paddy harvest; now they have to face a new disaster.

The political situation remains unsure and the general election which was due to take place in April has been postponed.

So many questions remain unanswered. How will the believers survive? Who will care for the pre-school children and school children while they have to stay at home? How will our ten children in the government homes come through these new difficulties? What greater effects will this crisis have on the country’s political and economic situation?

The international airports are also closed and it is impossible to travel to Sri Lanka. It is a sad fact that no team from abroad can come in April and the Youth Conference cannot take place.

Let us seek and ask for God’s grace and wisdom to see how our light as Christians can shine in this time of darkness and in what way we can help our brothers and sisters.


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