New Church in Kallappadu

Everyone helped build a new church

Kallappadu has many orphans and widows, scarred by the tsunami and civil war. The church hopes to open a nutrition centre to feed malnourished childen.

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The Sewing Centre - 6 Mile Post

New sewing centres have been set up

LEFC have opened four sewing centres with more planned. Training is provided for women from poor backgrounds, enabling them to find work in a garment factory or start their own sewing businesses.

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S. Jeyakanth's Report

Ending the year with a heavy heart

S. Jeyakanth reports on an eventful 2019 when the churches experienced much blessing with more baptisms, the opening of three new church buildings and a joyful family conference. However it was also a year of trials particularly at 6 Mile Post.

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Glasses Report

A clear vision

Tom Dawson reports on his trip to Sri Lanka to provide eye care and glasses to those in need.

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Jamie O'Connor's Report

A great joy and privilege

In her first visit to Sri Lanka Jamie O’Connor recounts her experiences and the impact the godly believers had upon her.

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The History of Jeyakanth and the LEFC – Part 2

A remarkable provision

This is the second in a series of articles on the life story of Jeyakanth and the history of the LEFC (Lanka Evangelical Fellowship of Churches). It explains a remarkable deliverance in Jeyakanth’s life and the the establishment of the first Lanka Churches.

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