Child Sponsorship

Which children need sponsoring?

The civil war in Sri Lanka lasted over 25 years. Consequently many children have been orphaned, or live in severe poverty. There are over 89,000 war and tsunami widows, most of whom are struggling to provide for their families. Malnutrition and disease are widespread. Many of the children have suffered abuse and neglect.

These children live in their own villages and are cared for by individuals. Many are looked after by widows or are fostered by families who cannot afford to support them on their own. Due to legal restrictions and individual circumstances it is not always practical to move children into the children’s home at 6th Mile Post. In many cases the best care can be provided in the child’s own village.

Our future strategy is to establish children’s homes in local villages where we have an established Christian ministry.  Church premises will be utilised as the children’s home in the future, supported by paid staff and volunteers. These children will receive the same benefits as the children at 6th Mile Post. The neediest children will live in the home and others will come in daily for nutrition and education. Three additional homes have already been established in Muthur, Wallaichennai and Wallatapitti.

What is the benefit to the child?

£20 a month covers the basic needs of a child with 3 meals a day, a school uniform, books and health care. The child also benefits emotionally from knowing that there are people in another country that care enough to support them.

£10 a month enables a child to receive an education. Although education is free, children may not attend school unless they have their own uniform, shoes and the correct books.

Can I choose who I sponsor?

You can select if you would like to sponsor a boy or a girl and their age range.  If you would like to sponsor a child and have no preference then we will select the child on your behalf where it is felt the need is greatest.

As a sponsor what information can I expect to receive?

You will receive a photo of the child and relevant information about them. You will receive  a photo at least once a year.

How to Sponsor a child/children

Please Download and complete the form.

If you have any queries or you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact Gary.

Tel: 01323 844 399

What happens when the child I sponsor leaves the programme?

When a child turns 18 or leaves the programme to seek work or is married, then they are no longer eligible for sponsorship. When this happens, we will inform you and discuss the options available.

What happens if I have to stop sponsoring a child?

If, for unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to continue your sponsorship, we will do our best to find a replacement sponsor. It is very helpful, however, if you are able to warn us in advance that you need to stop your sponsorship, to give us time to find a new sponsor for the child.

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