Drought Leads to Family Breakdown

When major drought occurred in the north and east of Sri Lanka in 2017, nearly all our churches in these regions were affected. Many had given up hope when the financial help came, the resulting physical and spiritual blessings have been a great.

The financial support provided from abroad this last year has made an enormous difference to families and churches. They are full of thanks. Here is just some of the feedback:

‘We thank God for the love and concern of our brothers and sisters abroad. I feel privileged that, we in Kekirawa are united with Christians in the UK, Germany, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka in the building of God’s kingdom’ – Ps. Samaracon (Kekirawa)

‘Some of our new converts were quite overwhelmed by the love and concern shown by the greater church. They said that it was the first time they had been shown kindness by someone they did not know’ – Br. Yoganathan (Haputale)

Sadly although in some ways the situation is marginally better than last year, in other ways it’s worse. A poor rice harvest this year has exacerbated the situation. Debt is forcing many families apart . In some villages on third of the women have gone to the Middle East to work as maids to pay off their debts with distressing consequences.

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