Moses Project

Refuge brings hope into lives of abused women and children

The Moses Project refuge centre we set up two years ago is bringing God’s light into the lives of suffering women and children — but needs continued prayer.

The centre occupies two acres in Vishmanasdu in north Sri Lanka, near to where the civil war ended 10 years ago. Many families are still suffering from post-traumatic stress from the conflict. Also, abject poverty and helplessness drives many men into drinking. 

Sadly, the women and children bear the brunt of neglect and abuse. This can drive mothers to suicide and harm the mental health of children. 

Many little children are subjected to physical abuse and some are used in the sex trade. Reports of sexual abuse are in the newspapers every day. Other children work as child labourers. Babies have been rescued from rubbish dumps.

We cannot rescue all the battered women and neglected children in the country. But the Moses Project tries to help the women and children that God has sent to us. Some stay for a few days, others longer. The good news is that we’ve seen a dramatic change in the mental outlook of some under our care.

We are able to rejoice in the change God has brought to the lives of women who come to the project battered, confused and suicidal. They have responded to the love, care and understanding that we are able to offer, by God’s grace. 

They exchange despair, confusion and hopelessness for joy, hope and a purpose in life. We can only thank God for using us for His glory. 

Finding work

The Moses Project aims to enable the women to help themselves. We offer them training and opportunities to find gainful employment or become self-employed. 

We have started a business project involving raising chickens, growing vegetables and managing a banana plantation.

A good reputation

The Moses Project enjoys a good reputation in the village as well as at government level. However, there are some – especially Hindu fundamentalists – who are envious and are trying to undermine us. They claim we are pretending to help people in trouble and forcing them to become Christians. They know this is a lie. Please pray these evil forces will not triumph and that we would be allowed to carry on.

Please pray for the Project’s workers, that God will provide health, strength and wisdom to do our best to help those who need us. We trust in God’s strength and His wisdom and seek to bring glory to His name. 

Thank you to everyone who supports the Moses project through prayer, giving and practical help.


Gayanthini’s story

Gayanthini was born during the war. Her early days were spent hiding in the jungle and then living in a refugee camp where her mother couldn’t get sufficient food to produce enough milk. As a young child, she saw her drunken father beat her mother viciously. Her father died. 

When she arrived at the Moses Project, she was ill, suffering from malnutrition and withdrawn because of mental trauma. 

In the early days, she would wake up screaming at night. During the day, she wanted to be alone. At school, she wouldn’t play with other children and would lose consciousness during class. 

We continued to show her love and tender care, prayed with her and counselled her. Now, we are able to see a marked change. She plays with the children and prefers to be with others. She’s settled well at school. Recently, we celebrated her 13th birthday. She was so happy. 

When we see what God has done in this little girl’s life, we are filled with gratitude and know it’s all worthwhile.


Koneswari’s story

Young wife Koneswari was beaten regularly by her husband. She felt trapped and wanted to end her life. But she came to us instead. We gave her love, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on. We prayed with her and counselled her. After a few days, she was ready to face her husband. We counselled him too. The couple agreed to give their marriage a fresh start and made promises to each other. Now they are living happily and at peace. We praise God for their reconciliation.