Children’s Home

In 2000 Pastor Jeyakanth and his wife rescued two young children who had been abandoned in a local hospital and took them into their home. As more children came into their care their home became too small and a separate building was required. Since that day the work has grown substantially, partly due to the tsunami as many children were orphaned or their families could no longer afford to support them.

In 2006 thanks to generous donations we were able to purchase land and carry out significant building work to expand the home. We now have separate buildings to accommodate boys and girls. Currently, there are 92 children living in the Children’s home at 6th Mile Post, Trincamolee.

The home also provides employment to 15 members of staff. The boys’ and the girls’ home each have one cook and two kitchen assistants. This enables us to provide three good meals a day to the children. Each home also has its own warden and assistants to ensure the well being and safety of the children. The running of the home is overseen by a General Manager.

In the past few years, we have been building regional smaller children’s homes in local villages where we have an established Christian ministry.


Education in Sri Lanka is free providing you have school uniform, shoes, books and pencils. Part of our care is to supply all of these items. Teaching staff are also employed on a part time basis to provide extra tuition after school hours. Thanks to generous support we have recently established an IT suite at the Children’s home complete with broadband connection. IT skills will improve their future employment prospects and allow them a greater breadth of education.

Horticulture & Agriculture

Part of the education of the children is for them to learn how to grow and care for crops. The land surrounding the Children’s home is used to grow crops including rice, sago, coconuts and bananas to name just a few. Cows, goats and chickens are reared for milk, meat and eggs. This work not only contributes to the food that they eat today but provides them with valuable life skills for the future.

Vocational Training

Once a child leaves school there is an opportunity for them to be trained in particular skills such as carpentry, masonry, welding and metalwork,tailoring and needlework. We have built a training centre in the grounds of the Children’s home which is in the process of being equipped with tools and machinery.

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